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Damascus Quintet for Arabic Music
Savoy Theatre 17.4.2010 at 19:00

Legendary lute master Husain Sabsaby who has directed the Silk Road Festival that was organized in Syria recently, and included musicians came from the countries on the silk road such as India, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Yemen and Tunisia. The music was of Sabsaby’s composition reflected the intercultural history played by traditional instruments of these countries in an excellent experience.

Sabsaby is bringing to Helsinki this time fine Syria musicians on their instruments for an Arabic Music concert at Savoy theatre on 17.4 at 7pm.

The Quintet consists of the following artists:

1- Husain Sabsaby / Oud – Lute

Husain Sabsaby was born in Syria, from a well known family of musicians. His father gave him his first lesson in music at the age of six.
Husain joined the Arabic institute of music located at Halab (a major city in Syria) and was sponsored by the late musician Mr. Nadeem Ali al Darweesh. After that he continued his music journey and was taught by Mr. Mohammed Abdul Kareem (the Prince of Bouzouki), and a fine selection of Turk musicians.
Mr. Munir Basher (the famous Iraqi OUD Player) had opened a new and a wide horizon in playing techniques, which pushed Sabsaby forward and put him among the finest OUD players in our modern time.

He established several traditional and modern music bands such as “the OUD and Guitar duets, the OUD and OUD duets” he was also involved in establishing the five member band for Arabic music, were he was and still one of its members, in addition to his post as the band music director.
One of the major contributions of this band was the performance at the “The Glitter of the Amaween in Cordoba / Spain” which was attended by the Syrian President Dr. Bashar Al- Assad and his majesty King Juan Carlos of Spain.

He is a member of several local and international music communities, and was one of the arbitrators in the Arabic OUD community of traditional music (a subsidiary organization of the Arab League).

Participated in the 3rd and 4th international gathering for OUD in Tatwan / Morocco.

He participated in the international OUD gathering in  Jarash Festival, Jordan.

One of his most important works was Ahl Al Ibdaa’ (The People of Creativity), a television documentary show which presented a soloist in each episode. The show was broadcasted on the Syrian National Television weekly.

He performed on various stages all around the world as a solo player. Countries such as Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Turkey, Malaysia, Spain, Holland, Finland, and the USA are fine examples.

He also participated in several Arabic and International Festivals and won many prizes as well as certificates of honour. For example, the third and fourth Oud Conventions in Morocco, The Cairo Opera House’s Improvisations with Naseer Shamma, The School of Sultan Qabus for Arts and Music in Oman,  The Culture House in Tunisia, an Arabic music workshop in The Academy of Sibelius in Helsinki Finland for two years, 2008 and 2009, the Tunisian Dar Al Asram Music Festival.

He headed and was a member of several jury committees in various competitions and Arabic music festivals;
The International Oud Competition, Amman Jordan.
The yearly Syrian Artist Syndicate enrolment exams.
The Arabic Music Convention, Cairo Egypt.
The International Oud Competition, in the Holly Spirit University of Kaslik, Lebanon.
He also  directed and headed the Second Damascus International Oud Competition 2009 which was held by Solhi Al-Wadi Institute.

It is important to mention that he has recorded around 70% of the Syrian Drama soundtracks (oud solos), including theme songs and inserts.

He has published 12 CDs so far. Haneen (Missing) is considered to be one of the most successful projects yet as it combines the Oud with the Western guitar in a romantic atmosphere.

Lastly, he published a book under the name of The Artworks of the OUD by Famous Players of the Modern History. This book comprises hundreds of works by famous Oud players from the 20th century.

2- Amjad Aljarmani Ney-Flute

Amjad Aljarmani is one of the finest ney players of Syria. Has started to play Ney with singer Fahd Ballan in Sweida and has performed in various orchestras such as Zannoubia, the masters of the Higher Institute for Music, and Orchestra Tarab.

Amjad has perform internationally with famous Arab singers such as Asala Nasri, George Wasssof, Assi Hillani, Wail Jassar and others.

Amjad Aljarmani’s has also played in the music effects of most of the Syrian TV and theatre drama.

3- Tawfik Mirkhan / Qanun

•    Graduated from Al Assad Youth institute 1995
•    Graduated from  the High Musical Institute of Damascus ,specialty :Qanun 2007 Supervised by the Azerbaijani  Expert ( Almira Akhoandoufa )
•    Graduated from Pharmacy collage, Damascus University 2007


•    Damascus Festival For culture and tradition 2002
•    Tunisian- Syrian cultural days in Tunisia the capital 2004
•    French festival for culture and Pops 2004
•    Belgium festival for folklore and tradition 2004
•    The fifth Arab-youth rendezvous  in Shariqa 2004
•    Participation as solo player  in “ skilful Youth “ in Al Najma El Zahraa  in Tunisia 2007
•    Delegation form the Tourism Ministry as a solo player in several international exhibitions (Jordan 2004, Qatar2005,Switzerland 2005, Germany 2006 ,Algeria2007,Spain 2007)
•    Concerts in the opera house with the Syrian symphony orchestra  and with different ensample for Arabic music
•    He was chosen by the most famous orchestra in Europe NIEUW ENEMBLE which is specialized in contemporary music to do many concerts as a solo player in many European countries,such as Opera  Pastille in Paris at Festival d’Automne


•    With the Turkish Qanun  player ( Goksel Baktagir )
•    With the Turkish Qanun  player ( Halil Karaduman)

Member of
•    The Syrian orchestra for Arabic Music
•    The Arabian singing band
•    Teacher in Solhe Alwadi musical Institute in Damascus
Teacher in Music in me project(UN)

4- Tariq Salihiya/ Guitar

Graduated from higher institute of music/Damascus, learn guitar & perc.

After graduation he become guitar teacher in the institute and Al-Asad institude of music, also timpani player in the national symphony orchestra, as well as chief master of guitar section at Sulhi Al-Wadi institute for music and teacher at the national private school.

He took many parts as a duet , quartet and quintet, and with the most important one the duet Oud and guitar with the great musician Husain Sabsaby.

He had many records for Tv & theatre, plus musical works and songs. He participate in many festivals as the first opera in Syria, also with the quintet for guitars in Cordoba in Spain at the 3rd May/2001 with the attendants of the president Bashar Al-Asad and Juan Carlos, the king of Spain.

5- Bassem Aljaber / Contrabass

Graduated from higher institute of music/Damascus.
Has played in a famous concert halls with the National Symphony Orchestra in Italy, Spain, UK, France, Turkey, Germany, UAE, Morocco, with well-known musicians and singers such as Daniel Barenboim, Alberto Bocini, Plácido Domingo, Kallen Esperian.

Recently he performed in a tragedian play Carmen with the French Maestro Sylvan Gazenson.

Bassem Aljaber is a teacher of Contrabass at the higher music institute in Damascus and the first musician in the National Symphony Orchestra.

6- Nasser Salameh/ Percussion/ drums

Nasser is a Palestinian who was born in Jordan in 1977.
He is a self-taught musician, specializing in Middle Eastern percussion. His talent has led him to participate in many festivals in Europe and the Middle East and Far East, and he was awarded the first prize for best musician in the pan-Jordanian Universities’ competition in 1999 and 2000.

He has performed with many groups and Oud players ,he was teaching percussion at the National Conservatory of Music in Palestine. He presently lives in Amman, Jordan, where he  teaches percussion at the Music Academy in Amman .

7- Shadi Abdelkarim/ Soloist

Shadi is one of the leading Arabic ad Sufi singing in Syria. He has performed the most difficult forms of the traditional Arabic music in the Arab World and Europe.
He studied Muwashahat and the Arbic Maqam in Alepo with the most specialized artists.

Shadi has participated in Syrian festivals, and has sang with the Quintet in Damscus and a lot in Spain. In Cordoba he sang Ibn Zeidon poem in the presence of the King of Spain and presents a mixture of Arabic music with Spanish Flamenco bands. Also sings with Zannoubia Orchestra in Rabat at the “Muthallath al Andalus” Festival.

Shadi also plays various musical instruments.

The concert in Savoy will have a classical songs of Syrian music, popular Arabic music.
Damascus Quintet will be accompanied by Finnish musicians from Al-Teslim Ensemble: Leif Karlson, Eira Karlson, Kai Olander and Burhan Hamdon.

For more information
Burhan Hamdon

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